Cost-benefit-sustainability Tool - SmartRegions Tool

The SmartRegions Tool aims to support the decision makers, energy utilities and other relevant target groups in their assessment of costs and benefits related to smart meter deployment and improved energy services. The main features of the tool are based on the cost/benefit tool developed in the ESMA project (, modified and adapted to the objectives of the SmartRegions project. The tool calculates the cost/benefit for the main actors involved in metering deployment, energy services and the customers, and also the socio economic impacts related to improved energy efficiency, demand response to price and reduction in CO2 emission from optimized power production. The tool consists of two versions – a simplified and an extended version.

The tool meets the following objectives:

  • Provide a list of the major benefits and costs associated with smart metering
  • Allow different implementation scenarios to be examined so that the financial implication of different options could be examined (smart meters with and without real-time displays).
  • Identify reasonable input values that could be used in smart metering cost benefit analyses.
  • Provide a means to identify the interplay of costs and benefits between stakeholders depending on which benefits are included and how the different energy markets are organized.
  • Including environmental and social costs and benefits in the evaluation of smart metering systems
  • Evaluate the effects of different categories of smart metering energy services – according to some predefined parameters.

The report "Description of the SmartRegions Tool – for calculation of economic, environmental and social costs of smart meters and smart metering services" describes the SmartRegions Tool and serves as a manual for the tool.

Open manual

There are two practical examples of a cost-benefit analysis. The results obtained by the tool with conclusions are presented in the following brochures
- example on Norwegian conditions in English
- example on Spanish conditions in English and in Spanish.

Open the simplified tool (SmartRegions tool):

The simplified version (SmartRegions Tool) focuses on electricity meters only, and it is translated into 8 different languages.

English Austria Dutch Finnish German Norwegian Polish Romanian Spanish

Open extended tool:

The extended version includes calculations related to electricity, gas, heat and water meters. The extented tool is available only in English.